Environmental, Social, and Governance

Kutcho Copper believes the development and management of our resources comes with the responsibility to deliver social and economic benefits to local and regional communities, and to ensure the preservation of natural environments for current and future generations.

Our Commitment

Conduct our business according to the highest level of professional and ethical standards

Maintain rigorous environmental stewardship

Ensure local and regional communities participate in and benefit from our Project

Environmental Commitment

Kutcho Copper is committed to responsible environmental stewardship. We strive to minimize our impact on natural environments through world-class best practices.

Our approach

Establish environmental policies and programs in accordance with industry and global best practices

Ongoing identification and assessment of environmental risks with specific mitigation strategies to protect the environment

Ensure all employees, contractors and suppliers understand and comply with applicable regulatory requirements and environmental standards

Promote a workforce culture that values and upholds environmentally responsible attitudes and behaviors

Encourage open dialogue with and respond to concerns from employees and the public regarding environmental issues

Design and operate facilities to be energy and resource efficient

Develop procedures and maintain adequate resources required to ensure a high level of emergency preparedness applicable to environmental protection and public safety

Develop and execute specific reclamation strategies for each stage of exploration, development, operation and closure

Monitor and assess environmental performance for continuous improvement

Kutcho Copper has re-established environmental baseline studies to address potential environmental impacts as applicable to permitting and project development.

Community Commitment

Kutcho Copper recognizes the importance of building long-term, positive relationships with local and regional communities, and embraces the opportunity for respectful and open engagement.

Our objective

Communicate openly, honestly and transparently with communities near which we work

Ensure our decision-making process considers the unique cultures, traditions and values of First Nations people

Consultation with First Nations to eliminate or mitigate the impact our activities might have on their rights and values for natural resources

Ongoing engagement to understand the perspectives and aspirations of First Nations and to contribute meaningfully to their capacity to attain those aspirations

Encourage open dialogue with and respond to concerns from employees and the public regarding environmental issues

Work collaboratively with communities in creating and implementing social and economic development programs

Enhance opportunities for community participation in our activities as employees, contractors and suppliers

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact us here.

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